Couples Therapy

couplesIs your relationship unsatisfying?

Do you and your partner fight all the time?

Do you want to enhance your relationship with your partner because you have begun to “drift apart”?

Couples may call a therapist when it feels like they have exhausted all options for managing conflict in their relationship. You and your partner may feel “stuck” and like you are having the “same argument” over and over. Perhaps you feel misunderstood or like there is a distance between you and your partner. These are common experiences in a relationship and can be openly explored and worked through in a safe, inviting therapeutic environment.

Some partners seek therapy to deepen their connection even though nothing is “wrong” in the relationship. You and your partner may not feel as connected as you once did, although you remain overall satisfied and committed to the relationship. Engaging in therapy can help build the strengths already present in your relationship and provide tools for enhancing your communication and bond.

Couples therapy with me begins with a comprehensive assessment of the strengths and challenges in your relationship, individual meetings with each partner, and a feedback session to assess where treatment will begin based on the unique needs of your relationship. After gaining a deeper understanding of the relationship and the current strengths and areas for growth, we will begin working in focused sessions to improve the areas of concern identified by both partners.