Therapy for Students

studentAre you struggling with the transition to college or graduate school?

Are you overwhelmed with the stress of school?

Are you being stretched and challenged by your graduate education in surprising new ways?

Are you feeling uncertain about your field of study?

Academic life is filled with challenges. In addition to the expected academic stressors, there can be unexpected transitions that arise as well. Perhaps you are living with roommates for the first time, managing time and finances, or encountering new questions about your identity that arise from the college or graduate student experience. Graduate students can be surprised by the academic demands of their program and desire better coping for the many tasks. You may long to identify ways to better manage the impact of academic and campus life on your family and friend relationships.

I also work with students who are in graduate psychology programs who come to therapy to meet a personal therapy hour’s requirement. Others are motivated to identify better ways to manage the stress associated with studying the field of psychology in depth and beginning practicum trainings. Mental health professionals in training tend to learn a great deal about themselves in their programs, and I enjoy walking alongside students as they deepen their self-understanding by supplementing this growth in a therapeutic environment.

Regardless of the reason for your stress as a student, I encourage you to reach out for support in a safe environment to receive support.