The hard (but important) work of therapy!

Nearly everyone who begins therapy does so to bring about change. Sometimes people desire more happiness or less pain. Deeper relationships. More boundaries. Less anxiety. Resolution after loss. More life satisfaction. Increased peace of mind. Better sleep. Comfort in social settings. Body confidence. When we are in the depths of pain, we all want to feel better and we want it to happen fast. By engaging in therapy you are taking another step toward growth and change. You are reaching out to someone who has experience to help you on your trajectory toward the healthiest version of yourself. Most people begin feeling better within a few weeks of therapy. Of course there are challenges that come with the process. You may unearth some painful emotions, learn more about problematic thinking patterns, and look at yourself more closely than you have been willing to in the past. No one will tell you the work of therapy is easy. It isn’t! Even so, you are worth the investment. I can assure you that you can have an opportunity to put yourself on a trajectory toward becoming the person you long to be with the support of a caring professional committed to your growth.